This fantastic bundle contains our Weekly Essentials Box for 2-3 people plus your choice of x5 Ready Meals for 2 from the options listed.


Weekly Essentials Box for 2-3 people contains: 1 garlic, 3 onions, 1kg washed potatoes, 2 broccoli, 1 cauliflower, bag of kale, 250g carrots, 1 small swede, 500g button mushroom, 500g leeks, 2 bunches of fine beans, 2 x 125g mixed salad, 250g salad tomatoes, 2 cucumber, 6 pears, 4 oranges, bunch of black grapes, hand of bananas, 2 loaf of white/brown bread, 2ltr of whole milk, 12 free range eggs, 400g mature cheddar cheese, sliced ham 200g, sliced Turkey 160g, 250g salted butter


Please see our Ready Meals & Sides page for full descriptions of our Ready Meal choices.

Bundle 2 for 2-3 people - Weekly Essentials Box & Ready Meals